Bigfoot Training Academy

Bigfoot Training Academy is open year-around to assist with the skill development of players.  We offer a broad spectrum of skill development while also addressing individual needs  of players.

Our monthly membership plan makes our various training programs reasonable to those seeking full time training assistance.  We also offer several ancillary services in-house that promote exposure. (Some of these services may incur an additional cost.)

The Big Girls Academy

The Big Girls Academy is for girls 5'10 and taller.  BGA is designed to improve the skill and versatility of the tall girl.

BGA host several mini camps in Mississippi and other regional locations.

BGA teaches players the skills of ball handling, scoring from multiple areas and playmaking facilitation; some of which includes off-the-bounce skills as well as off-the-catch skills.

New Training Program for 2020

Coming for the 2020 year, Bigfoot Training Academy will be providing skill development training for youth football.

Our Football Training Program (FTP) allows players starting at age 5 to be able to come to BTA to improve their offensive and defensive techniques.  Training sessions will be provided for players on a general level as well as position specific training.

Training sessions will begin February 1, 2020.  Our training sessions will be age specific to an assigned training group.  Options to participate in passing leagues will be made available to select age groups.

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